OG Anunoby 30 Points/5 Steals Full Highlights (1/24/2021)


Since I am not a Raptors fan (obviously), I am free to demand rapid alterations to the direction of the franchise without having to worry about whether or not those changes will cause significant negative impact down the road. Even better, the rapid alteration to franchise direction that I am about to demand will not even be than offensive to Raptors fans, since it probably reflects their feelings as well:

Pascal Siakam should be disqualified from holding the title of “franchise cornerstone”, and his replacement should be OG Anunoby.

See, that’s not even that scandalous. Pascal Siakam has been more like Pisscal Suckman this season, while Anunoby has truly been Kawhi Lite for a Raptors team struggling to find their way after the Original Kawhi bolted for California. To relegate Siakam to the supporting role that he is perhaps best suited for, while trying to establish Anunoby as a primary scorer, is definitely one way for the Raptors to reassert their relevance in an Eastern Conference that seems to be leaving them in the dust.

Anunoby is on a cheapo deal right now, but even after his extension kicks in, it will still be a reasonable contract for a player of his caliber. He will form a dubious, overpaid three-man core with Siakam and Fred VanVleet (assuming Kyle Lowry is no longer in the picture to be part of that core). Why not give him some more scoring responsibility and see if he can inject some life into that unexciting core? He won’t give you thirty points every single game, but he can probably give you twenty a game, and he also won’t infuriate you with his baby-giraffe loosy-goosy butterfinger handles (Siakam) or his unfixable midgetness (VanVleet).

You know, if Masai ends up abandoning Toronto to be GM/President/”Lead Giannis Acquisition Specialist” on another team, I totally wouldn’t mind being GM up there in Toronto. I promise not to vindictively trade Norman Powell to the Grizzlies for the freshly-unearthed corpse of Greivis Vasquez.

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