Hamidou Diallo 19 Points Full Highlights (3/29/2021)


I made this video under the impression that this game was Hamidou Diallo’s debut for the Pistons. And now I’m seeing on basketball-reference that Diallo had played one game for the Pistons before this. Excuse my French, but what the god damn hell? Or, in actual French, c’est quoi ce bordel?

I don’t know how players manage to switch teams so quickly. I would personally need at least two weeks to get my affairs in order if I had to abruptly move from one place to another. Approximately two of the days would be using for “affair-ordering”, and the other days would be used to relax and get my bearings in the new place before anybody expected me to go back to work. Meanwhile, NBA players just step off the airplane and basically start balling right away. I would be doing a different kind of balling. The “bawling” kind of balling. My ability to hit a midrange jimbo would be severely compromised.

So this video was made under mistaken assumptions, and now I’m paying the price by having to write this entire video description for a video that, realistically, shouldn’t even exist. And Diallo didn’t even dunk in this game so the video’s not even very much fun. This entire project has thoroughly depressed me.

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