Luke Kennard 21 Points Full Highlights (3/29/2021)

I was getting ready to GO ALL IN on Doc Rivers, and accuse him of trying to ruin Luke Kennard’s career by not giving him enough minutes, but then I remember that Rivers isn’t the coach of the Clippers anymore. That induced a ten-minute-long mental crisis where I repeatedly tried (and repeatedly failed) to remember who the coach of the Clippers was, so that I could blame that coach for trying to ruin Luke Kennard’s career. The name “Ralph Lawler” intruded on my thoughts multiple times during this episode. In the end, a permanent mental breakdown was averted as I finally remembered that the coach of the Clippers is Ty Lue.

As we see from this video, the Nard Dog produces when you give him minutes. His shooting percentages are outrageously good, like prime J.J. Redick territory. Coincidentally, J.J. Redick’s prime coincided with his tenure with the Clippers, so Kennard is basically the second coming of Redick but with more ball skills. Despite this, he still is averaging a career low in MPG per game. And that’s because Lue hates his guts for reasons unknown. Just like Stan Van Gundy hated Kennard’s guts for reasons unknown and Dwane Casey hated Kennard’s guts for reasons unknown until he changed his tune last season and temporarily stopped hating Kennard’s guts. Why do coaches hate this guy? Is he too good? The fact that 21 points is his season high fills me with so much rage that I’ve given myself a stomach ache.

The four rapid-fire three-pointers that Kennard hit in the fourth quarter of this game basically wiped out any chances the Bucks would have had at coming back. That makes me a bit salty, but, honestly, if anybody on the Clippers is doing to randomly get scorching hot for a period of two in-game minutes, I’d prefer it be the Nard Dog than anybody else. The Nard Dog deserves to have good things happen for him after being brutally marginalized for basically the entire season.

Lou Williams can GTFOH the FRICK outta here. Why have an old decrepit inefficient chucker when you can have a young spry efficient chucker? The only thing decrepit about the Nard Dog is his hairline. His game is anything but decrepit.

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