Andre Iguodala 22 Points Full Highlights (6/11/2015)

Andre Iguodala got his first start of the whole season…in the Finals. He also scored his season-high. Who can we thank for Iggy’s marvelous performance, besides Iggy himself?

Perhaps Steve Kerr? No. Coaching doesn’t matter in the NBA.

The real answer is Andrew Bogut. That gigantic Aussie is the single person most responsible for Iguodala’s sick game. You see, Bogut has regressed into what Bucks fans termed “Pube Bogut” having “Pube Games”. The origins of these terms are twofold:

1. His beard looks like pubes.

2. If you were to somehow acquire a seven-foot long pubic hair, it would rebound and score at about the same rate as Pube Bogut does.

You can not start Bogut when he is having Pube Games. Even if it’s the finals and your lineup has been the same throughout the whole season. He is simply too much of a pube. Steve Kerr, to his credit, wasn’t stubborn, and decided to make a change, but any sane coach would have done the same, and Iguodala is the benefactor.

Now we just have to pray that “Perineum Iguodala” doesn’t make an appearance.

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