Andre Drummond 25 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2015)

There is a dude in the NBA, RIGHT NOW, averaging 19 rebounds a game. No, not Dennis Rodman. Did you not notice the “right now” written in capital letters? As of this very season, there is a player who, with his own hands, grabs the results of missed shots an average nineteen times per contest. This may not be your grandfather’s NBA, but Andre Drummond is averaging your grandfather’s NBA type stats.

He dominates so consistently that people don’t get all that excited any more. 20 and 20 is normal for him. It’s like when all those drunkards in that gym in rural Pennsylvania watched Wilt drop 100. They didn’t know what they were watching, they thought it was the most commonplace occurrence in the world. And that’s how it is with Andre putting up double-double-doubles consistently. We are the drunkards slumped over in our seats, watching greatness without realizing.

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