Welcome to downtobuck.net

downtobuck.net is the official website of prolific NBA highlight creator, well-known YouTube celebrity, and Hot Pocket enthusiast DownToBuck. If you somehow arrived here without being aware of DownToBuck’s YouTube channel, now you have the link. If you click on it, your web browser will send your hurtling through the world wide weberverse at terrifying speeds until you reach the You Tubes.

This website’s main purpose is to serve as an easily searchable archive of DTB’s extensive body of work. It has never been easier to follow along with one of DTB’s incomprehensible video description storylines! All videos are tagged in compliance with an obscure, impenetrable tagging system to make browsing as painless as possible, and especially funny video descriptions are tagged with the story tag so you don’t even have to read any ill-informed basketball commentary if you don’t want to.

That’s it! Introduction over!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to downtobuck.net”

  1. Would love to see a Jason Smith video from Wiz/Bulls last night 1/10/17. Don’t think you’ll ever get a better one from him – there are blocks, 3’s, and more (maybe…).

    I don’t have a Youtube account, but follow your videos every day! Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. Please send me one of your unreleased descriptions, preferably your best one. Big fan of yours, favorite video is your Klay Thompson one, a classic.

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