Montrezl Harrell 17 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (12/21/2016)

Clint Capela going down with a broken leg really hurts the funness of the Rockets. They’ll still be a good team record-wise, but the Harden-Capela oop connection was one of the awesomest things going on right now in the NBA.

Montrezl Harrell just doesn’t offer the same set of springs that Capela did. He can catch his share of alley-oops, it’s not like he’s totally incapable, but everyone looks bad in that area compared to Capela. Harrell is more of a “pass it to me while I’m on the ground” kind of guy, even with his freakish wingspan that should allow him to dunk in ways that most can’t.

He’s still way, WAY better than Nene, though. Even if the only way I can tell those dudes apart is by the fact that Harrell’s hair looks like a Mexican firework exploding on his head.

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