Montrezl Harrell 16 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2016)

Montrezl “Mon-Trezzle” Harrell is another one of that class of centers who shoots 60% or better from the field because they don’t do anything that they can’t do. You can’t count on them to create their own shot under any circumstances, but you CAN count on them to score it if you give it to them exactly where they want it. Montrezl’s usage probably should never go above where it is right now just so he can be at peak effectiveness. Lobs. layups, and the occasional open jumper should be all he does.

However, if Montrezl managed to pull out a sick crossover dribble in the middle of a game and successfully broke somebody’s ankles and then windmilled the ball through the net and right onto their face as they lie on the ground, I would be lying if I told you I wouldn’t be hyped. That kind of unexpected skill display from a strictly opportunistic scorer is always sick. I just don’t really expect it to ever happen, so when it does, it’s like watching a big black butterfly with red-tipped dreadlocks emerge from the cocoon of artificially-imposed limitations.

Make it happen Mon-Trezzle. Show them that the cocoon isn’t real. Show them who the big black butterfly really is.

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