Andre Iguodala 24 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2017)

I must apologize. When I saw that Andre Iguodala had 24 points, I immediately began to make a highlight video for the performance without investigating his statline more closely. I did not realize that he only made six shots in the entire game. If I had realized that fact, I would have had to strongly reconsider whether or not this video should exist.

Eight free throws is just way too many free throws. Unless the player in question is scoring thirty or more, nobody wants to sit through that many free throws and I definitely don’t want to edit that many free throws. In fact, a good rule of thumb is if a player makes more free throws than field goals, it’s too many free throws. This video exemplifies that rule.

I don’t want to blame Andre Iguodala for being so savvy at drawing fouls, but really, this is all Iguodala’s fault. Like 100%. If he scored 24 points by dunking it a dozen times, that would be way more exciting than this stupid boring lame-o video. The only reason I’m uploading it all rather than dragging it right to the Recycle Bin is because I want to taste those sweet sweet Warriors bandwagon views that I so rarely get to sample. That’s literally the only reason your eyeballs get to be tormented by this video.

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