J.J. Redick 31 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/29/2017)

In a league where dudes are making large amounts of threes on a regular basis, and considering that J.J. Redick is still an elite three-point shooter, seven three-pointers being his season high doesn’t even seem that impressive. Why hasn’t he made ten in a game yet? Why don’t the Clippers spam those screen plays to get him open? Or are they spamming that play and it just doesn’t work as well as it should? Or are they spamming that play and Chris Paul is ruining it by being selfish cancer?

Time is ticking down for J.J. Redick. He’ll be 33 by season’s end. He’s only got two or three seasons left where he could realistically hit ten three-pointers in a game, and so far he hasn’t even come close. He’s attempted ten or more three-pointers on eight separate occasions this season, so that’s a start, but it’s not good enough. I have an arbitrary goal I want Redick to meet and when DTB wants something, he usually gets it. Unless it’s Jennifer. Or friends. Or views on Darren Collison videos. Those are things the universe has decided I will never ever have.

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