Channing Frye 21 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2017)

Channing “Budget Kevin Love” Frye displayed a lot of chemistry with Deron Williams this game, chemistry that I don’t think he ever developed with Kyrie Irving. Irving seems like the kind of player with whom it is hard to develop chemistry since he loves shooting so much, but D-Will (no, not that D-Will, the other D-Will, you know which one I’m talking about) was once a top-two point guard in the league, and one of his credentials is he knows how to hit guys in their spots.

Frye’s “spot” is often the three-point line, but he has shown that he can be a midrange assassin too if he feels like it. Whiteside’s defense stops at fifteen feet, so 21 points is almost expected for the Fryeman. Also, Frye dunks the ball in this one when the lane inexplicably clears out, so in truth Frye can score from anywhere on the court. It’s a little bit late to live up to those draft-day Tim Duncan comparisons but, by god, he’s doing it.

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