Aaron Gordon 32 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2017)

I don’t think I’m ever going to be done being mad about how the Magic tried to ruin Aaron Gordon by bringing in Serge Ibaka. I mean, it’s good that they rectified their mistake by trading his ass away as soon as it was clear that they weren’t going to make the playoffs (again). That trade happened soon enough that Gordon’s career wasn’t smothered with a pillow in only his third year. But the fact that it happened at all… is it possible for Adam Silver to go Sterling on the dudes running this freak show and get some competent people in there?

Gordon has been very impressive since the cancer was removed. He’s putting up numbers worthy of his draft slot while throwing down tons of massive whamblams and developing chemistry with Elfrid Payton. He even improved his free throw shooting a bunch, which is like the hardest thing to do in the NBA. If he can improve that, that basically tells me that he has no ceiling. His ceiling is the upper atmosphere, because if you go too much above that, you die. We don’t want a dead Aaron Gordon on our hands.

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