Joe Ingles 19 Points Full Highlights (10/21/2017)

Joe “The Trevally from Happy Valley” Ingles pretty much put on a show tonight. Stepback threes, a shoulder check from Steven Adams, regular threes, a bunch of trash talk directed at rookie Terrance Ferguson for some reason (not a good look to trash talk a rookie, my man), and an ankle breaker. Aren’t you hyped?

Ignore the fact that the “ankle breaker” on Alex Abrines was a blatant trip by Rudy Gobert. Don’t watch the replay, and choose to believe that somehow Ingles’ slow-ass stepback planted Abrines on his heinie in front of everyone.

The Trevally has been on fire to start the season. He actually decreased his shooting percentages by quite a bit by only shooting 58 percent tonight, and now he’s only shooting 63 percent on threes. I would make a joke about him stealing Gordon Hayward’s powers, but maybe it’s too soon. Check back in a couple weeks when everyone has forgotten about Hayward’s askew ankle and I can make a whole description out of the tale.

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