Jayson Tatum 22 Points Full Highlights (10/24/2017)

Jayson “JayTay” Tatum achieved a great statistical feat tonight: the famed “scrub by five”. If you’ve never heard of such a thing before, let me illuminate matters: it means a player got at least 2 of each of the 5 statistical categories. The other thing about scrub by fives is that only scrubs/role-players/detritus can get them. Anthony Davis puts up the numbers almost every game, but he doesn’t have the appropriate status. Other scrub by fives this year have been achieved by Josh Richardson, Dillon Brooks, DeMarre Carroll, and Kelly Oubre. Elite company, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Say so. Myself.

I didn’t show all the component parts of his feat, because I’m lazy. I’m not a big defensive highlights kind of guy. Despite the scrub by five, the real show tonight was his scoring, more specifically, his dunking and three-point shooting. If Danny Ainge isn’t receiving a BJ from a grateful Celtics fan right at this very moment, I’d be surprised. They could easily have Markelle Fultz, but instead they have a contributing rookie with two working shoulders.

Oh, damn, rereading this it looks like I forgot to delete my crappy new nickname for Tatum in that first paragraph. Do me a favor and forget you ever saw that one. It sucks.

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