De’Aaron Fox 18 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2017)

The Kings’ roster is a “raw young talent”-lover’s wet dream this season. Aside from Zach Randolph and George Hill who we can just pretend don’t exist, and Garrett Temple, who everyone already pretends doesn’t exist, there’s nothing but intriguing players ranging in quality from sub-scrub to high-end role-player. Teams composed like this never do well, because actually knowing how to play basketball is a helpful NBA skill, but it’s still really fun. At least, the highlights are fun. In reality I tried watching some of the first quarter this game and it wasn’t that much fun at all.

De’Aaron Fox has, rather quickly, established himself as a semi-competent player, moving himself up in the pecking order quite a bit. He now gets to be the first option on offense a lot of the time, which is great because I like seeing him hit midrange jumpers. Basketball-reference says he isn’t that great at them, but that’s a lie I think, because if you watch his highlights you’ll quickly see that he never misses.

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