Dragan Bender 10 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2017)

10 points is the same amount that Dragan Bender scored in his first game ever with the Suns. It is now a little over a year later, and he has not shown that he can score very much more than that. 13 might be his career-high? It takes only one little YouTube search to find out if that’s right but I’m too lazy.

His total inability to score the rock is the reasons these particular highlights exist. 10 points isn’t a lot for most players in the league, but for him it is. Suns fans will probably agree with me that he’s been a disappointment so far. Not saying he’ll never be good, but I was expecting more from such a high pick, no matter how raw. He shows flashes sometimes, like tonight (who cares about defense though? not me), but even those are kind of dim by flash standards.

I’m trying to be charitable here, but it’s not working. I really want to call him the “B-word”, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Not yet. If I was the DownToBuck of five years ago, I would have used that hurtful term in every single one of my vids for him, so count yourselves lucky that I’ve become more patient in my evaluation of players since then.

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