Mike James 24 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2017)

Mike James has been in a little bit of a slumpy-wump lately. That is not totally unexpected; there is not a player out there who doesn’t go through some rough patches in their first season, much less a rookie who unexpectedly seized playing time from the treads of a tank. Growing pains are expected with this guy. Speaking of growing pains, have you seen his beard? HAHAHAHA!

Happily for Suns fans, his basketball-related growing pains lasted all of two games before he came back and easily set a new career-high. Career-highs at this stage of his career are almost meaningless, but it’s still a good amount of points. If you had asked me before this season if Mike James would score 24 points in a single game, I would’ve gotten confused about which Mike James you were talking about it, but then would figure that it didn’t matter which one, because the answer would be no in either case. Would anyone have said yes to that question? Maybe James himself, but probably not.

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