Jusuf Nurkic 19 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

Sometimes, no amount of DTB’s highlight magic can fix a video. The end of this particular sampling of Herky-Jerky Nurky highlights is a perfect example: in order to show the final of Nurkic’s three blocks, I have to end the video with Rudy Gobert picking up the blocked shot and powering in a monster two-handed slam while Nurkic, left out of position from the first block, can do nothing but watch.

This is supposed to be Jusuf Nurkic highlight video. It shouldn’t include Rudy Gobert dunks. But, through no fault of my own, it does. I would apologize, but I learned a long time ago to not apologize for things that aren’t my fault. Besides, if you’re quick enough, you can pause the video right after Nurkic erases Sefolosha’s dunk attempt but before Gobert goes back up with it.

On a related note, the Blazers were spamming the pick and roll like I spam links to my website, and Gobert didn’t put up a whole lot of resistance, at least from what I saw. Is Gobert even a good defender anymore? If I was one of those “real” basketball journalists I would write an article about it using video clips as proof and become the next Zach Lowe. Then they could get me on TV and I would be all awkward and ugly.

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