Kyle Kuzma 21 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

It just occurred to me that I don’t know how tall Kyle Kuzma is or what position he’s supposed to be playing out there. He grabbed thirteen rebounds (in addition to his 21 points [which was fifteen more than LOLnzo Ball LOL]) so it sort of seems like he might be a power forward, but I always thought he looked more like a small forward in stature. My guess would be anywhere from six-foot-five to six-foot-nine. I think I’m getting confused and distracted by the fact that his hair doesn’t add any height.

There will be a pause in this description while I go look up Kuzma’s true height and report back with the results.

The results are in: basketball-reference lists Kyle Kuzma as being 6’9″. Why does he not look that tall? Are his handles tricking me into thinking he’s shorter than he really is? Have aliens implanted false retinas into my eyeballs while I sleep? Is there some sort of vision distortion field surrounding him so that I can’t tell how tall he is? Does standing next to the string bean Brandon Ingram make him look short in comparison?

And I still don’t know what position he plays. Lakers fans help me out this one time.

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