Malcolm Brogdon 21 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

Malcolm Brogdon received a bit of flak over winning the ROY of the Year award despite not being statistically impressive. Most of this flak came from 76ers fans who were understandably miffed that their rookies got no recognition. Other sources of flak included, well, basically no one else because most people agreed that his contributions to actual winning basketball outweighed his lackluster stats and possibility of having peaked.

I’m pleasantly surprised that the Junkyard Brog hasn’t, in fact, peaked in his rookie year but is continuing to improve. He’s averaging over 15 points a game, which is getting close to “legit scorer” territory. He’s making people pay for going under on screens, which might actually make up the whole difference in scoring from last year. Who says I don’t watch the games? Only someone who watches the games would be able to make a nuanced and subtle observation like that.

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