Robert Covington 22 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

After several years of being a sub-40% field goal shooter, Robert Covington is apparently benefitting from no longer being the first, second, or even third option on his team this season, because he’s now shooting a neat 47% from the field. Even more impressive, his three-point percentage currently sits at sizzly 49% – that’s sizzlier than a plate of sizzling hot fajitas. If you add in his defense (which is presumably still elite, but really, who even cares about defense these days?), you get a complete player who might lowkey be one of the keys to the 76ers’ continued success.

My expectation that Covington regresses back to something closer to his career averages is somewhere between “half-expecting it” and “fully expecting it”, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be pleased with his development in the here and now. And by “we”, I mean “everybody but me”, because I lost the ability to feel pleasure around the same time that I stopped self-identifying as an organic human being and started self-identifying as a humanoid highlights robot who doesn’t experience emotions.

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