Patrick Beverley 23 Points Full Highlights (11/4/2017)

Patrick Beverley looks really old. Old and sad. I don’t know how old he actually is, but that thumbnail makes him look 40. And look at that hangdog expression. Man. It’s like he just found out that Russell Westbrook won MVP. Or maybe something about playing in Ukraine is supremely taxing on the body and spirit.

Beverley had a pretty good game tonight if you ignore his lack of assists as the starting PG and his 1 of 8 from downtown. That’s a lot of things to ignore, but it’s pretty easy if you just watch this highlight video without the context of the game it was played in. I do that all the time, and it ends up that I think pretty much every player is awesome all the time.

Next up: I will convince you through the magic of YouTube that Sindarius Thornwell had an excellent game off the bench.

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