Tyreke Evans 26 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

I was thinking while making this vid about how hyped I would be if it was Jawun Evans scoring these 26 points instead of Tyreke Evans. Based on what I know about me, which is a lot, I’m pretty sure I would be inconsolably hyped. I don’t even really know who Jawun Evans is but I know he’s an NBA player who sucks, so that means 26 points for him would be insane. 26 points for Tyreke Evans is really good, but it’s not anything incredible.

I will say this for Tyreke: he made a good amount of jumpers tonight. Including that lob attempt to Brandan Wright that totally got interfered with but still counted as a three for some reason. Actually not including that one, because that wasn’t a jumpshot at all. But if he can keep making jumpers, and keep driving to the cup like he always has, he’ll be really good for the Grizz. 6th man of the Year? It’s early, but I could see him adding another trophy to his collection.

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