Dewayne Dedmon Career High 19 Points Full Highlights (11/6/2017)

The good thing about making Dewayne Dedmon highlights is that he doesn’t have any real diehard fans, so I can say whatever I want about him. With the more popular players, it’s a real balancing act between what I really think (usually negative things) and what fans really think (usually positive things). I can’t call people busts without people getting all upset, even if it’s totally deserved (as in the case of John Wall).

Not like I was about to call Dedmon a bust right here. I totally wasn’t. Just trying to make a point, that if I wanted to be negative about him, which I don’t because he had a great game tonight, I could get away with it. Totally. Like, I hope he doesn’t get seriously injured because he’s not allowed to get blood transfusions!

Sorry. Making fun of people’s religious beliefs is only funny if they are mainline.

Dedmon pretty much did it all tonight, in terms of scoring. All of it, and more of it than ever before. He had a three, had a midrange jumper, had a floater, had a couple buckets right at the rim, it was truly a sight to see. Who knew he had this much game in him? Not the Hawks, I’m sure. They’re just as surprised as I am to see him shooting and making threes.

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