Austin Rivers 24 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

Details are leaking out about how wonky the Clippers’ locker room was with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin trying to be co-alpha dogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if details of the violent nature eventually came to light. Griffin getting heated, maybe shoving Paul a little bit, and Paul flopping down a flight of stairs or something. Or just Griffin straight up punching him in the face. He’s prone to doing that, you know.

Austin Rivers was somewhat shielded from the tumultuous locker room by his status as the coach’s son. No one can say or do anything to him, because he can just run to his dad and do a little tattling and BAM no more minutes for the offending party. There was probably resentment among the others, but why would Austin care?

Or, this whole thing is blown out of proportion and I’m grasping at all the straws I can find.

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