Robin Lopez 20 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

It’s time for another DTB Quick Quiz, where if you get any answers wrong I terminate your YouTube account forever and you also forfeit your right to ever again hold an NBA-related opinion.

Question 1: What adjective best describes the Raptors’ defensive effort on Robin Lopez last night?
a.) Weak
b.) Pillowy
c.) Ineffectual
d.) All of the above

Question 2: Who is the guy commentating for the Bulls in place of Neil Funk who must be dead?
a.) A twenty years older Neil Funk who used a time machine
b.) A hobo they found on the street
c.) Maybe the Bulls’ radio announcer or something
d.) A commentary robot using the “80-year-old grandpa” voice setting

Question 3: How many times did Robin Lopez try to punch Serge Ibaka in this game?
a.) Zero
b.) Once, but it didn’t connect
c.) Once; fist-to-face connection was made
d.) Eighteen

Question 4: What is Stacey King’s biggest pet peeve?
a.) The Bulls jacking up threes like that’s the only shot they know how to take
b.) The Bulls failing to get the ball inside because they’d rather run dribble weave actions at the top in order to shoot three-pointers
c.) Justin Holiday taking eight threes a game even though he’s not that great at them
d.) Bulls players thinking they’re all prime Steph Curry out there
e.) All of the above

Submit your answers in the comments below.

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