Tyler Zeller 21 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

For reasons that I have yet to discern, people seem to think that Tyler Zeller is total crappy buttface garbage. I admit that I don’t see a whole ton of him besides highlights, but I haven’t really gotten the impression that is horrifically bad or anything. Obviously he could be better, but he’s been competent for as long as he’s been in the NBA.

True, Rajon Rondo did drastically overinflate his value a couple years ago. I think this game is the best he’s played offensively without Rondo spoonfeeding him easy layups and wide-open midrange jimmies. Sure, he let Jokic drop 41, but most of that wasn’t his fault. And, AND, he stopped Jokic’s monster night by drawing a shooting foul on him. So I’d say that was pretty good.

And don’t forget the absolutely filthy blowby he had on Jokic where Jokic looked like he was nailed to the floor, gaping in awe as Zeller soared high for the slam-blam. Jokic is a great player, but he got, as the kids say, “wrecked”, on that play.

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