Tim Hardaway Jr. 28 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

Remember when the Knicks didn’t even want Tim Hardaway Jr. so they traded him for Jerian Grant (LOL [lots of laughs])? Now Jerian Grant is being booty in Chicago and the Knicks overpaid just to get Hardaway Jr. back on the team instead of just keeping him through his rookie contract and getting cheap production out of him for two extra years. I would put the Knicks on blast here for terribly mismanaging their assets, but that would be hypocritical of me. My own assets are also poorly managed.

For example, if I see Hot Pockets on sale, I won’t buy them if I already have a lot of them in my freezer, even though I’m always going to need more and I’ll always eat them before the expiration date. Another example: time is an asset, and I squander all of mine by making highlight videos of players that nobody cares about. If I was a GM I would probably do something like trade unprotected first round picks for four-year albatross contracts or enough cash considerations that I can afford to replace the broken nacho cheese machine in the D concourse.

So overall the Hardaway situation doesn’t look too bad for the Knicks, I would say.

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