Jayson Tatum 19 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2017)

Let the Giannis comparisons begin! I was actually thinking about that while compiling this vid, about the similarities in their game, and then Scal comes right out and makes the comparison. It was in regards to how much ground Tatum can cover with his strides, but I think there are more similarities beyond that.

For one, they both are capable of dunking the basketball. Meanwhile, someone like D.J. Augustin can’t, so I feel like this is a salient point of comparison.

Also, they both have wide noses. So that’s two things, three if you include the stride thing that Scalabrine brought up. That’s more similarities than most players in the league have with each other, so I can feel confident in saying that Tatum is the next Giannis. Except way better as a rookie, so he’s got a big head start on being the GOAT.

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