Marcus Morris 21 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2017)

At some point along the line I lost track of how the Morris brothers were doing. I think I know which teams they’re on, like for example I’m 99 percent sure Marcus is on the Celtics. Markieff is probably in China by this point. Or was that Marqelle, the third twin? As I said, 99 percent sure.

But when it comes to how they’re doing on those teams, I’m lost. Is this a good or bad game for Marcus? I think I would know if it was a bad game, since he’d have to be averaging 40 for that to be the case. 21 points seems pretty okay, but I know he’s scored a lot more than that in the past. One of the earliest vids on this channel is of him scoring 17 with the Rockets (2012 was over a decade ago now I’m pretty sure), and this is only four more points than that.

My descriptions have gotten only marginally better since then.

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