Ryan Anderson 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/16/2017)

I guess you can’t complain too much since his team is winning so many games, but Ryan Anderson has turned in some real dud scoring performances this season. In seasons past, 24 points would not be especially notable for Ryno, but I fear he has been marginalized on the roster and that I should be celebrating his good scoring performances as they become fewer and farther between. He’ll often play thirty minutes or more and score in the single digits on a paltry amount of field goal attempts.

New hypothesis: James Harden IS JEALOUS OF Ryno’s superior three-point shooting ability and HATES and RESENTS him for it. That’s why Ryno wasn’t getting any looks until this game when Chris Paul came back. It’s because Harden doesn’t want to pass him the ball. I could go back and watch the games to verify my hypothesis (which is more like a theory honestly), but my reasons for not doing so are twofold: 1.) I don’t feel like it and 2.) I could get proven wrong.

So, yeah, Harden is purposely ruining Ryno’s career and future earning power by being a jealous little baby. It makes too much sense.

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