Rodney Hood 31 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being “utterly respectful of the entire city of Orlando and its inhabitants” and 10 being “basically pissing on the Magic players’ graves while burning an American flag and tarnishing the legacy of Walt Disney by making aspersions against his character”, how disrespectful were the Jazz being when they left Rodney Hood on the court in the fourth quarter of a total blowout, allowing him to hit two more threes?

I’m thinking a 6 on this one. There are a lot of players on the Jazz who are not disqualified from garbage time minutes, but Hood is not one of them. He’s basically a starter, and unless you’re purposely starting someone who sucks, starters stop playing once the game reaches trash territory. At the same time, if the Magic didn’t want Hood to bomb so many threes on them, maybe they should’ve played some defense. Now, if Hood had been left in until the end of the game and hit 50, then I’d bump the rating up to a 10 or maybe 11, which is one higher.

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