T.J. Warren 27 Points Full Highlights (11/19/2017)

I love T.J. “Warren Peace” Warren, I think he has one of the sweetest, smoothest games in the league, he’s really great, but man he makes a lot of layups. The overabundance of layups in his highlight vids makes up for the underabundance of free throws, so it evens out, but still. We know he can get up. We know he can slamjam with fury. We all remember that dunk on Satoransky. Warren needs to finish with more authority more of the time. By slamming the ball on people’s heads.

No wimpy dunks either. No one is impressed by an NBA player dunking it softly with two hands. Everyone can do that. We need POWER. We need ELEVATION. If the Suns still had the guy who commentated back when Amar’e and Nash were around, he could say “Elevates and detonates!” in that annoying voice of his. I bet they could get that new guy to say it also. I would hate him for it, but it would be appropriate.

Needless to say, there are a bunch of LAMEups in this vid. I don’t just complain about things for no reason. It picks up a bit at the end with some jumpers and floaters and stuff, but the first half… oof. Try not to fall asleep.

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