Kosta Koufos 16 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Kosta Koufos is the perfect player to be the recipient of ironic adoration. The reason is threefold:

1. He’s going hella bald
2. He’s not the most attractive guy around, let’s just put it that way
3. He shoots hook shots and floaters exclusively
4. Bonus fourth reason: He’s a veteran role-player playing for a terrible team

Those factors combined make him awesome in an ironic way. Even the Kings’ official YouTube channel took aim at his unorthodox scoring game by releasing a twenty-second montage of him shooting running floaters with heavy metal playing in the background. But the reality of the situation is, most teams would love to have a solid big like Kosta on the team. He doesn’t need touches. He doesn’t need plays run for him. He doesn’t need minutes. He doesn’t even really need coaching I don’t think. He just goes out there and shoots floaters and rebounds and gets his baldness everywhere and does it all in a very solid, predictable way. As long as you don’t expect much out of him, Koufos will give you exactly what you expect.

But, you know. His hair. Where did it all go?

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