Noah Vonleh 11 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Perhaps the biggest contribution from Vonleh this game was his eighteen rebounds, five of them on the offensive end. You might be thinking “…B-b-but DEE TEE BEE, why did you put his eighteen rebounds in the title of the video if they were so important?” What a foolish question. The answer is clear. I do not put stats in the title of the video unless the stats in question are actually depicted in the video (or if somebody has a trippy-dubby). Since there are no rebounds depicted in this video except the ones that incidentally show up in the course of Vonleh doing something else, I’m not going to call this video “Noah Vonleh 11 Points/18 Rebounds/3 Blocks Full Highlights”. It’s a matter of honesty for me.

All that not withstanding, we might be getting close to the point where we can fairly call Noah Vonleh a bust. He might contribute in a big way defensively and on the glass, but his per-36 scoring numbers have been abysmally low for the entirety of his four-year career, and the only development he’s shown on the offensive end is his seldom-utilized capability to hit a midrange jumper. That would be fine if he was the twentieth pick or something, but he was picked ninth. I would love to see him break out and score twenty, but the possibility of that happening is so remote that I’ve given up on the idea. He’s not on the level of Ekpe Udoh or Eric Moreland in terms of scoring incompetence, but he’s close.

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