Terrence Ross 22 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

Question for non-Magic fans: when was the last time you heard anything about Terrence Ross? Was it sometime this season? Personally, I haven’t seen any article or reference to this guy since sometime near the end of last season, when he was averaging a career-best in points per game for the Magic after he got traded there from the Raptors.

I literally had to check before I made this video whether T-Ross was dead or not. My google search history proves it. I searched the following phrases in order: “Terrence Ross is he dead”, “Terrence Ross Magic Death”, “Terrence Ross Obituary Orlando Sentinel”, “Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes for One”, “Did Terrence Ross die yes or no”. The conclusion I got from my extensive Google querying? Terrence Ross didn’t not die, but there is no reference to him being alive either. And you can actually make some very nice Thanksgiving-themed meals even if you’re only cooking for yourself.

So, I leave it up to the viewer to decide, after they watch this video, whether or not Terrence Ross is dead.

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