Bojan Bogdanovic 19 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

Fun fact: Bojan Bogdanovic is only averaging a point or two less than Nikola Jokic per game. Since points per game is the ultimate determinant regarding how good players are compared to others, that means Bogdanovic is only very slightly worse than Jokic. In any case, he is a top-three eastern European player.

Which means that I don’t understand why there is so much hype for Jokic and almost none for Bogdanovic. Even Bogdan name-stealer is getting more hype at the current moment. What’s the deal? Is it because he plays for the Pacers? Not like the Nuggets or Kings are that much more exciting.

Playing for the Nets for so long ruined him, I think. It ruined Brook Lopez, and it ruined Bojangles. Any player who finds themselves there for any length of time will find that, once they leave, it’s like they’re invisible. Playing for the Nets is a taint that doesn’t wash off.

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