Lance Stephenson 16 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2017)

The first half of this game was a continuation of the fourth quarter Lance Stephenson had against the Raptors, the main feature being horrible stepback jimbos after too much dribbling, this time with added post-basket dance moves to really get the crowd pumped. Add in a fairly powerful dunk, and you have the reason why the Pacers reacquired this guy at the end of last season.

It wasn’t to last. Stephenson put up 14 points in the first half, and then nothing but a couple free throws and some lame assists in the second. I’m sure most of his fans are at this point already, but we need to just be grateful for all the times when he looks like old Lance, and not worry about the rest of the times when he’s kinda crappy. Like with Derrick Rose. Enjoy every shimmy like it’s his last, because you never when it actually could be.

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