Wayne Ellington 19 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2017)

Wayne “Beef W” Ellington is going to be one of those guys who signs his most lucrative contract when he’s in this thirties. This year is the last year of his reasonably-sized deal after a career of small, short-term deals, but now he’s established himself in the league. There are so many teams desperate for shooters that at least one of those teams will pay him hella bucks to be a 40% three-point shooter and nothing else. And if he doesn’t get a hella big contract, he should fire his agent, because selling teams on a shooter is like the easiest job in the universe.

I’m just gonna put this out there: if Ellington does decide to part ways with his agent, he can totally hire me. I drive a hard bargain and I can use highlight videos to make my case to reluctant front offices. Plus, I know a thing or two about shooting threes since I make it rain at my local park, so there’s that extra level of bonding that a normal agent wouldn’t have with his client. Plus, I have proved myself as Ellington’s biggest fan over all these years, and I even have an ornate shrine dedicated to the Waynemaker in my closet, so I should get rewarded for my dedication. Hit me up on Twitter, Wayne. I don’t know how to use Instagram.

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