Jonas Jerebko 15 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2017)

Swedish people need to tell me if there are any up-and-coming Swedish ballers that I need to be on the lookout for. Jonas Jerebko is great and everything, but he’s thirty years old, which means he only has like five years left in the league at most. I’m sure he could continue dominating the Swedish domestic league until he’s 50, but he’ll drop off my radar as soon as he retires from the NBA. And then we’re looking at a situation where there are no Swedish people in the NBA at all. Unless there’s some sixteen-year-old phenom with the last name Lundqvist or Bergstrom or something that I’m not aware of.

In addition to informing me about the state of Swedish basketball, I also urgently require my Swede viewership to tell me why Swedish Meatballs are so disgusting. Meatballs by themselves are fine. I can eat those no problem. But once that disgusting Swedish sauce or gravy or whatever gets put on the meatballs, the whole thing becomes a big inedible pile of garbage. Is this a practical joke perpetrated on the citizens of the world by the unscrupulous Swedish people? Or are Swedish taste buds so broken that they can eat that slop and unironically proclaim it to be “delicious”?

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