Brandon Ingram Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2017)

Last night Brandon Ingram was pitted against one of his most apt NBA comparisons, Kevin Durant, and guess what? He out-Duranted Durant. Ingram scored a career high 32 points; the original Durant scored just 29 on four more shot attempts. Ingram also recorded seven turnovers to Durant’s six. Whatever numbers Durant put up, Ingram improved on them. He’s turning into a star, or at least an effective volume scorer, right before our eyes.

I would apologize for calling Ingram a bust all those times, but the good thing about the internet is that I can delete anything I want on it, so I actually have deleted every reference I made to Ingram being a bust and replaced it with words of fawning adoration which now seem especially prescient. Here’s what I wrote back in December of last year: “There’s no doubt in mind that Brandon Ingram will face off against Kevin Durant in the near future and show the world that he is the superior player.” I even got more specific. “He will probably score something like 32 points and take a scrappy Lakers team to overtime against the defending champion Warriors.”

I can’t believe how much of a genius I am sometimes.

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