C.J. Williams 18 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

When I look at C.J. Williams I get this instinctual feeling that he’s in his mid-thirties. I think it’s just my brain has the knowledge that he’s an “old” rookie and tries to tell me that “old rookie” means “old player”. I spent this entire video thinking “Man, this guy scores good and moves pretty well for a guy who’s as old as Damien Wilkins,” but he’s only 27 years old. Theoretically, he’s in his prime right now. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that he’s looked relatively solid this year in his small role for the Clippers.

The only thing I dislike about him is that his addition to the team means there are two Williamses on the Clippers now, which makes the box-scores difficult to parse. Which Williams is scoring? Usually it’s going to be the short one, but in this game the tall one did a surprising amount of damage as well.

I think I should write a program that takes NBA box-scores and replaces all the names with nicknames instead. That way I can differentiate between C.J. “Old Man” Williams and Lou “Has Two Girlfriends at all Times” Williams.

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