Spencer Dinwiddie Career High 31 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

Wow! What a game by Spencer “Din-Dins” Dinwiddie! Would have been even better, though, if the refs had not ROBBED him of TWO free-THROWS at THE end of OVERTIME! I didn’t show his humorous reaction, where he looks right at the baseline camera and incredulously says “this is what I’m talking about”, because this is a highlight video, not an all-light video.

Combine that non-call with the play where Ibaka “blocked” (read: smashed the arm of) Dinwiddie on a dunk attempt, and I’m going to go to bed mad on behalf of Nets fans. You’re welcome. I’m so mad right now.

Ignore the play where he hooked Ibaka’s arm late in regulation and drew the foul anyway. I have a narrative here, and like all good narratives, I’m not gonna let facts get in the way of it. Okay? The Nets, and especially Dinwiddie, were victimized by the zebras tonight, and any evidence you provide to the contrary will be rightfully discarded. Got it?

Despite the refs, Dinwiddie had a career night, finally breaking the 30-point barrier and then soaring high above it, ending up with 31. He also continued showing his dominance in the field of making one’s eyebrows go all raised up in the middle. He’s so damn good at that. Combined with the forehead wrinkles he looks so cute every time he does it.

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