Cory Joseph 16 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/14/2018)

To me, the most impressive part of this video isn’t Cory Joseph’s buttery-smooth midrange jimbo or his improved three-point shot. No, I’m more impressed by the evidence that Al Jefferson is still alive and still playing basketball. Because I’m pretty sure that I saw somewhere that the Charlotte Hornets retired his jersey number after they found out that Al Jefferson was dead. That would be a weird thing to do if he hadn’t really died, but here he is, wearing a Pacers uniform and hitting jumpshots, so I’m pretty sure he’s alive.

Joseph wasn’t surprised at all when he passed it to Jefferson and Jefferson made the shot. If Jefferson was really a cadaver, Joseph probably would have been more surprised. He would have run over to his coach and said “that corpse just made a jumpshot”. So I’m thinking that the report I read which alleged the death of Al Jefferson was fake news.

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