Josh Jackson 21 Points Full Highlights (1/14/2018)

Josh Jackson may not be very good at basketball right now, but man, he straight up LOOKS like how a good basketball player would look. You think “superstar wing player in the NBA”, and someone of Jackson’s build and mentality would probably appear in your mind’s eye. Is that why he got drafted 4th overall? Because scouts and front offices saw him just walking around and thought “that guy represents how the ideal basketball player should be”, rather than any overwhelming amount of skill?

That might be part of it, but the main part of it is because he was legitimately good in college as a freshman. For some reason Kansas has a reputation of producing busts (Cole Aldrich is not a bust though for real he’s just being held down right now trade him to a team that actually wants him and he will average 10 and 10 if you don’t agree when can throw down right here bro), but obviously I’m not going to put Jackson in that category yet. If he doesn’t shape up, though, people are going to be saying, if they’re not already, “another Jayhawk bust”.

Tell me this, haters. Would a bust score 21 points in an NBA-sanctioned basketballing contest played with rims of regulation height?

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