Damian Jones Career High 12 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (10/16/2018)

Here are some of the things that Warriors Bandwagoners are probably (definitely) saying right now:

-“I always knew Damian Jones was the answer at the five for us.”
-“Damian Jones’ development has been fun to watch, I’m so proud of him.”
-“Haha yeah, I totally knew that we had a guy named Damian Jones for the past two seasons. I knew that for sure.”
-“Damian Jones is so good. Our team is so stacked. Kerr is a genius.”
-“Damian Jones should start even when Cousins comes back because he has good chemistry with the starters.”
-“Damian Jones isn’t a rookie? Kidding. I was kidding. I know he’s not a rookie. He was a rookie last season. Yeah.”

Let’s not lie to ourselves: for the past two seasons, Damian Jones (not to be confused with Spurs legend Damion James) has resided on the farthest reaches of the NBA landscape. I barely registered his existence. If DTB, championer of the scrub cause, barely knows that a guy exists, then he might as well not exist.

Now Jones definitely exists, and if he can continue to fill in the JaVale McGee “get out of the way and sometimes catch lobs” role, his existence going forward is all but assured. I, for one, am looking forward to his dunkilation. Is it too early to look forward to dunkilations?

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