Rodions Kurucs 11 Points Full Highlights (10/19/2018)

If there’s one thing I can say about Rodions Kurucs, it’s that this is not his first rodeo.

Get it? Because “Rodions” and “Rodeo” sound the same? And the American idiom “not his first rodeo” means that he has previous basketball experience? Personally, I thought it was a hilarious joke, and I’m a little bit upset that you don’t find it as funny as I do.

Anyway, this is not Kurucs’ first rodeo. It’s his second rodeo. In his first rodeo, he scored three points. The second rodeo was much more successful, as he scored eleven points. He was much more assertive with the ball, attempting eight shots in seventeen minutes of action.

Since Kurucs is a rookie and I don’t know much about him, I have no idea whether eleven points was expected of him or not. The collective Latvian citizenry is likely thinking that this dude is a future All-Star, the collective Nets fanbase is likely just praying that he turns into a decent role-player, and the NBA fandom as a whole is saying “that guy has a funny name, I bet he’s from some weird country in Yurop.” My main concern is, will this video be obsolete in a few months when Kurucs is regularly dropping twenty-point games?

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