Tim Hardaway Jr. 29 Points Full Highlights (10/19/2018)

If Tim Hardaway Jr. even slightly keeps this up over the next few weeks, he’s going find himself banished from my channel. It happened to Victor Oladipo last year just like it’s happened with many others in the past. I am not afraid to deem role-players not role-playery enough for inclusion in my sacred archivium.

He’s been chucking like crazy to start the season, picking up the slack from the departure of Michael Beasley and the continued injured-ness of Kristaps Porzingis. I can see Allonzo Trier stepping up as the season moves along and taking some of the chucking load off of Hardaway’s chiseled shoulders, but for now Hardaway is the man and he’s letting everybody know about it.

He was 10 of 25 tonight, which isn’t that good, but the 29 points he eventually amassed is decent enough. The Knicks didn’t win, because they’re not going to win a game this season, but there are enough individual highlights from their games that their fanbase won’t get too mad until about December.

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