JaVale McGee 16 Points Full Highlights (10/22/2018)

The Lakers’ center rotation is so messed up right now. JaVale McGee is fine (back-to-back 16-burgers woooooo), but his asthmatic lungs limit his minutes. Ivica Zubac nearly fouled out in 5 minutes. Mo Wagner is injured, but even he wasn’t, how good could a rookie white Euro three-bomber be, really? Don’t even get me started on Kyle Kuzma. He’s not a center.

So what’s the answer? If anyone from the Lakers is reading this, I have your answer right here: Tyler Zeller! Zeller has many attributes which would be attractive to the Lakers:

-He’s a center
-He can finish in the pick-and-roll, LeBron are you listening
-Tentative three-point range???? Yes!
-Still better than Cody
-Has a semi-earned reputation as an Embiid-stopper
-Which would be useful for a Finals matchup against the 76ers

Also I’m pretty sure Miroslav Raduljica is still not in the NBA so if they wanted to kick the tires on him that would be cool too.

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