Jayson Tatum 24 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2018)

Tragedy averted! Too bad, because I was all set to revel in the despair of Celtics fans. Reveling in the despair of Thunder fans is just not as satisfying, because they aren’t as confident in their team’s ability to do well this season. Celtics fans were crowing endlessly about being the best team in the East, and maybe they still are, but it’s fun to see them implode after a 34-point first half and poor performances from many of their previously good players. I’m just going to assume that Gordon Hayward will never be good again, is that fair? I might have to re-add him to my channel if this keeps up.

Jayson Tatum was the lone semi-bright-ish spot for the Celtics in the first half. Words of angst were being spilled on every social media platform about the dispiriting play of Boston, but not much was directed at Tatum. He’s still good, definitely. Everyone else regressed into sludge, but Tatum is still as advertised.

There may have been a replay of him booming Paul George at the end of the first quarter, but I wasn’t about to go scouring the whole broadcast looking for it. There was a really crappy one at the halftime break but it was like .5 seconds long, not even long enough to figure out what was going on before it went away. These TNT people just don’t know how to show replays of devastating jammage. This is a consistent problem, it has ruined many dunks in my dunks of the month videos. What I’m trying to say is, I apologize for the incompetence of the TNT broadcast crew even though I had no part in it.

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